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Please enjoy your Amberware microwave cookware!  These tips are provided to help keep your cookware cooking properly and last a long, long time!

Please feel free to this page for your reference.

  • Amberware is for microwave use only! Do not use on range top on in a conventional oven.
  • Remove label prior to cooking or washing. Use vegetable oil to remove any remaining adhesive.
  • Cooking times will vary with different microwave ovens. Follow the instructions with your microwave, microwave cookbooks, or microwave instructions on the food container.
  • Do not boil foods high in sugar or fat content or deterioration of cookware may occur. Small white speckles may appear and are permanent, but have no effect on the food or future use of the cookware.
  • Do not cook foods with no water content or cookware may melt.
  • Always cook with some water and use lids to retain moisture when cooking or baking.
  • Do not use a microwave browning feature or element.
  • Use care when removing the lids to prevent burns from steam
  • Scouring pads or abrasive soaps WILL scratch Amberware.
  • Use top rack only in dishwasher.
  • Always pierce membranes such as egg yolks, sausage, and potato skins to avoid exploding.
  • Microwave ovens without turntables have hot spots. Always partially rotate cookware every 20-40 seconds to cook evenly.
  • Rotate food inside the cookware from outside to inside or stir to insure even cooking except when baking.
  • To avoid over-cooking use the shortest recommended cooking time, check for doneness, and cook longer if necessary. Over-cooking causes dehydration and hardness of food.